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8 TikTok Accounts for your Organisation to Follow for Inspiration

In our previous post, we guided you through the first steps of creating a TikTok account and posting your first video. One of our recommended steps to get you started was to follow some TikTok accounts to understand the culture behind the app and come up with some fun and creative ideas.

So without further ado, here are our 8 Tiktok accounts to follow for inspiration.

We are a newspaper. @washingtonpost

Even though the whole world is on lockdown, Washington Post is continuing to create amazing homemade videos for their audience. What we think they are truly great at is creating videos that are both entertaining and informative. They manage to find a comedic twist to all their content while maintaining a casual level of promotion and information sharing. Overall a very good example of engaging content that is tailored to the platform.

Chipotle @chipotle

Very similar to the Washington Post, Chipotle has a very engaging TikTok account. What separates them is how many original ideas they come up with around their products. From tips and tricks to how you can customise your orders to just straight-up hilarious content they manage to constantly produce videos that promote their brand and excite their favourite customers.

NBA @nba

The NBA as a sports organisation has a mainstream of content from their game highlights, but the lockdown and cancellation of their games never stopped them from continuing to engage with their audience. From homemade videos of basketball players to old highlights, they are unstoppable at finding content for their fans. Their TikTok account is also a very good example of how important it is to know your audience and tailor your posts to both them and the platform you are using.

Manchester Student Union @manchestersu

Even though Manchester Student Union's account only has three videos and a small number of followers, we thought that they did a fantastic job at promoting their elections while keeping their content entertaining and native to the TikTok culture. Their videos are a fantastic example of promoting local events and activities on campus while engaging the TikTok audience using a language they understand.

University of Glasgow @uofglasgow

The University of Glasgow has an amazing campus and a lot of events/activities - at least before lockdown - but they found great ways to showcase them by featuring their students in their posts. With a mixture of TikTok trends and content they know their student would be proud to watch, they are making the content about the student experience instead of advertisement and promotion. After all, our favourite marketing strategy is to give first and ask later.

University of Georgia @universityofga

The University of Georgia is in a different league with its TikTok account. With both TikTok trends featuring their best students and highest achievers, to information about their campus and events, their content is engaging at worst and straight-up extraordinary at best. Truly an amazing example of content tailored to students coming from an educational organisation.

Red Bull @redbull

No matter what platform you follow RedBull in, their content is nothing less than breathtaking. Featuring the most outstanding performers in all sports and activities they are always there to inspire and amaze but they are also a fantastic example of using TikTok's native features and culture to tailor your content to the platform.

Gary Vee @garyvee

Gary Vee is the king of online content. He has an amazing amount of output and his content is always valuable and educational as well as entertaining and inspiring. He's the greatest example of how creating a brand around your organisation that people love and endorse is the best strategy in the long run. He always talks about giving first and the amount of value he gives his audience on TikTok speaks for itself. Recently he raised 2.5 million dollars on TikTok from a 12-hour live stream for poor families while selling ruffle tickets awarding once in a lifetime experiences such as speaking roles in Leonardo Dicaprio's movies or a year-long event following Gary Vee and working with him.

There you have it! Have any favorite TikTokers? Tell us in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you!

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Our Process

Our writers spent 10 hours researching the top TikTok accounts for inspiration. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 15 different accounts overall. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

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