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Empower Teams by Encouraging People

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Are your staff and officers happy? Do they feel appreciated?

As Freshers weeks or election season comes close, staff and officer team relationships will be strained and teams will get demotivated sometimes to the point of burnout. Appreciation can create a healthier workplace for employees, and help Unions to improve motivation and talent retention, which will make money in the long term. Competition for quality talent, has increased with social sites like LinkedIn Jobs and Indeed, retention of talent goes beyond the traditional "who pays more".

Team members are able to perform at peak levels when we feel valued and appreciated. When we maximize our personal performance, we find ourselves with the time and ability to reach out and support our colleagues, in turn. Eventually, the whole SU will begin to work in greater unison like a well oiled machine.

There are 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace. Whether it’s a pat on the back, an award for a job well done, or some one-on-one time, we each have unique emotions attached to what makes us feel appreciated.

Words of Affirmation

✔ : Match the praise with the significance of the act, genuinely and often.

❌ : Non-constructive criticism, non-recognition, “general” praise.

Eg : Acknowledge my success on a project during a team meeting, or tell me when others are praising my work.

Physical Touch

✔ : Understand my view of what physical touch is appropriate.

❌ : Receiving approaches with cold body language.

Eg : Handshake, or high fives, or side hugs.

Receiving Gifts

✔ : Make sure the gift is something that I would personally like.

❌ : Forgetting special occasions.

Eg : Gift cards, event & conference tickets, certificates.

Quality Time

✔ : Giving your undivided attention.

❌ : Distractions during time together, long stints without one-on-one time.

Eg : visits to see how I’m doing, and taking me to lunch (not talking about work).

Acts of Service

✔ : Collaborate on tasks together, show me you’re partnered with me.

❌ : Prioritising others requests, not following-through on big or small tasks.

Eg : Protect my calendar from interruptions while I’m working on an urgent task, or taking some tasks off me during a busy day, or using phrases like “I will” and “I’ll help…”.

It is the job of union staff and officers to not only keep the union running smoothly but also keep a happy environment around them that will seamlessly work together and be more productive for the team.

We know that happiness is immeasurable but it is an invaluable commodity in the workplace. Thankfully, it is endlessly attainable through different strategies, tools, and


Challenge yourself to create an environment where the staff and members feel appreciated and valued!

Download your worksheet here:

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Worksheet

Watch the video here:

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