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How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read

A personal, targeted and consistent newsletter is what we need! Say it louder for the people in the back.

Think about the last newsletter you received. Was it enticing or just another piece of clutter waiting to be swiped away from your phone screen?

Before everything else, as communicators, we have to stand out from the daily content dump.

So, how do we create an email newsletter or Regular "All Member Emails" that our members will actually read? Read on...

Have a goal

The goal of our newsletter will be crucial to how engaging it will be. What do we want to accomplish? Do we want to drive commercial sales, increase online presence, drive traffic to our website, or promote a new service? Whatever it is, we want to emphasize it. We don’t want to jam so much information into one complicated message.

Focus on the subject line

Remember the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, well, we’re pretty sure that doesn’t apply here. The subject line can make or break the success of the newsletter. Be personal! Use the recipient’s name to encourage opening the newsletter. We want to pique their curiosity that they can’t resist opening the email. We can also throw in some power words and time-sensitive words.

*Pro-tip: One of the core measurements of communications effectiveness is the "Click Through Rate", or CTR for short, and a good subject line is the most important factor in getting a higher or lower CTR. - without a good subject line, your content efforts are at risk of going to waste

Keep it simple and catchy

Now that we’ve gotten readers to open our email, we need to draw them in deeper. Get right to the point! We’re all busy people and find ourselves spending less and less time going through our inboxes. This is where we can create an instant connection by valuing their time as much as ours. Break up text into short, digestible paragraphs. The simplicity of a newsletter is key to its readability.

Connect to trending topics or events

We want to connect our content to the current issues and topics that are going on in then world. Most people want to be in the know about the latest trends, so providing your own commentary around them can be an effective way to include your organisation into the conversation. But remember to do your due diligence on potentially controversial topics like religion, politics, race, and things of that nature. This website has guides on how to find trending content.

Nail the closing

This is the most critical part. Readers will now decide whether or not they want to proceed any further. It’s arguably the most important part of an email besides the subject line. Tell them exactly what you want them to do next. Eg: "sign up", "register", "vote". This is the reason why we need a crystal clear and visible Call To Action (CTA).

Creating email newsletters that people actually read is a fundamental part of our overall marketing strategy. Combining these tips with proper targeting of the audience and notice a drastic difference. On top of all of these, make sure the content is valuable. Include gems of wisdom and tips along the way so the reader feels like they’re actually learning something. Lastly, test the emails first before sending them out! Make sure the links work and of course, the design is top of the line.

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