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Inbound: Social Media Audit

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself what’s working and what’s not?

Social Media changed how we distribute information in this day and age. While there are new opportunities for social engagement, we also have to keep our eyes on impostor accounts and outdated profiles.

An audit helps you establish new goals for your social media presence and can serve as a benchmark for your work. Simply speaking, it’s a foundation for creating an effective social media strategy. 

Audits take a considerable amount of time. Yet, it needs to be done.

A social media audit will present us a clear picture of our current efforts and will help us pave a way forward. Are your social media efforts relevant to your student unions’ current objectives and goals? Let’s figure it out.


First things first. Before you can set your social media audit in motion you’ll need to list all of your profiles. Let's create a spreadsheet that is easy find with all your platform login information.  Do not forget the old ones.

Check for unofficial accounts. If you find one, check if it’s a fan account or if it slanders you. The former can be beneficial, and you can leave it as is. The latter is harmful – notify the social network and request they take down the unofficial account.


Close all platforms that are old or unused. When we look at other student union's platforms, we expect current posts.  It doesn’t look good when we see their last update was one year ago.  


Branding is one of the most important aspects of your student union. An effective brand strategy gives us an edge in increasingly competitive markets. This type of consistency builds social proof and trust.


While, we want to monitor our presence for consistency it is also equally important to make sure all of our profiles are completely up to date and use all relevant features to full benefit.

Content quality also needs checking.  Ask these questions when looking at the content:

  • Is it relevant to this platform?

  • Is it well done and clear?

  • Does it bring value to my audience?


Collect all social media metrics such as:

  • Number of followers

  • Likes

  • Shares

  • Comments

  • Clicks

  • Video views

  • Number of followers

  • Post reach

  • Number of mentions (Twitter)

Then, we create a spreadsheet to monitor the growth of social engagement, post reach, and number of followers.

It is always a good idea to look at the return of investment in a social media audit. Track the expenses and profit. To tackle this part, take a look on how much we’re spending on our social media efforts.


Look at  3 to 5 of your favorite influencers feeds. See what you like about their content and what you don’t. Analyzing influencers can help us create more relevant content.

That’s it. Social media audit is not a one-off process. It is better to conduct regular audits to make sure that everything is on track. Although an audit will take some time, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Create long lasting social media campaigns that will move forward with your student union. Keep your social accounts producing the best ROI. Know what’s working and what can be improved.


HISA Audit

UWS Audit

Get your cheatsheet here!

Social Media Audit Cheatsheet


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