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Increasing Organisational Performance | Knowledge, Process, & Implementation

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Change is a word that generates uneasiness in most of us. We may find it difficult to accept the unknown, causing distress, or we may develop anxieties about adhering to new processes. As a leader in a student union, it's our job to make sure that any transition runs as smoothly as possible.

This is exactly why implementing a strategy will help students, staff, and officers transition to the changes effectively while maintaining high workplace morale. So really, how do we embed something new to our student union?

Here at SMOOVEmedia, we have what we call The Operations Assessment.

The Operations Assessment has three parts.

1. KNOWLEDGE - This comprise the tactics and training to acquire knowledge.

“What works? What doesn’t work?”

2. PROCESS - Includes timeline and roles.

“Who does what? Who is approving? Who has final control of the budget?”

3. IMPLEMENTATION - This involves incentives and recognition.

“How are we recognizing their success? What are the consequences if it’s not achieved?”

These changes within our student union is implemented to benefit us. This is why continuous communication with the members and staff can greatly impact the organisational performance.

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