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Social Media Content Ideas to Delight your Members

In our hyperconnected world, posts on social media make up a big portion of our engagement with our members. On a daily basis, we post content to inform, educate, or entertain our audience, but it is quite often that we find our social media content lists empty. In those moments we usually turn externally for inspiration and ideas. That is why we collected social media content ideas which are sure to delight your members, for you to draw inspiration from.

Update your members on the work you are doing

It is very likely that posting ether quotes or videos with updates on what you are working on will be appreciated by your members. Keeping them in the loop with your progress will make them feel included and help them see the immediacy of your efforts. These updates increases our transparency, which is known to build trust between your members and your organisation.

Q&A live stream

Other than keeping your members updated on your work, you can also give them the opportunity to make clarification, ask questions and expand on their understanding of your organisation's purpose by making a Q&A live stream. It is very effective at establishing connections and a sense of community. To make sure this is effective, we would suggest you share it on social media beforehand with the time of the live stream as well as the intention. This will give time for your members to plan for it as well as prepare their questions.

Entertaining content

It is easy to get carried away with content which feels important and serious, but if your communication style allows you to be informal but relevant from time to time, then entertaining content can go a long way to make you more relatable to your audience. This can include funny, inspirational or trendy posts, behind the scenes content and interactions between your team members.

Ask your audience questions

Many social media platforms allow you to create questions, polls or add interactive sections in your posts. Giving your members the opportunity to interact with you will make them feel valuable and connected with your organization. It may even be helpful in giving you insights about your members and their needs.

Save your members time, energy and money

After you find out what your members' needs are, why not use the opportunity to provide them with valuable information and content. This can include tips and tricks to help in all parts of the student experience, information about services provided by your organisation, or student discounts from local restaurants or pubs. If one of you members needs something, it is very likely that many others will share those needs.

Giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests are a great way to give to your audience while raising awareness for your organisation. The items you will be giving away are going to draw attention to both your social media and themselves which might increase both your engagement and commercial sales. After all, who doesn’t want a free hoodie or cup of coffee?

Shoutouts (User generated content)

Featuring or sharing your members' content is a very fast and alternative way to creating it yourself. It can provide value to them by exposing their work to your audience and it can do the same for you by exposing your organisation to their audience. Just remember to ask and get consent first to avoid any conflict later on.

Celebrate your wins

Making some posts in celebration of successes and milestones in your organisation is sure to both increase the morale of your team and help your members celebrate with you. After all, they are the people you are tirelessly working to make their lives better. Your wins are their wins.

So there you have it. We hope that these ideas inspired you to create connections and build the community your organisation needs to thrive. Always remember that most effective communication strategy is to give and provide real value first, while making sure the content triggers an emotional response and without any expectations, before asking for something in return.
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