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Tips for Working from Home

1. Find a specific place where you can be comfortable working

With the new normal that is currently happening in the world right now, working from home seems to be the easiest option we all have. Find an environment that is peaceful, quiet, and where you can concentrate on working. You can choose anywhere in the house as long as people around couldn’t easily reach and disturb you. Also, you need to have some working tools that are essential like having a table for your laptop, a computer, and a reliable internet connection.

2. Set a routine schedule & follow-through

You need to know what time you should start working, how many working hours you should have in a day, and you have to establish your routine breaks to keep yourself balanced. Stick to the specific time pattern and schedule you have already set so your body will get used to it and will easily adapt as each day passes. The key point here is time management and discipline.

3. Have a little break from time to time

It has been scientifically proven that those people taking breaks in between their works are more efficient and reliable and are not easily drained out that they end up producing a better output. No one said you need to burn out yourself from working. Most especially when you’ve spent a lot of time facing the computers or laptops, the screen can be so draining in the eyes, and sitting for a long period time can be so tiring on our backs that’s why having some little breaks will help you avoid suffering from those and will keep you sustain working with endurance.

4. Eat each meal on time

Look after yourself and see to it that you don’t sacrifice your meal each day. Eat healthy foods as well to keep us going every single day. The secret to a long productive day depends on the proper amount of our food intake. Always put yourself first before starting your work and don’t ever starve yourself any time of the day.

5. Maintain exercise and stretching regularly

Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need to be healthy and fit because this is the best time for you to achieve them aside from it is accessible, you’re just staying at home, it is also safer, and vital for your physical health for you to function fully each day as you go on in your daily work activities.

6. Get dressed & look good if you must

No one is exempted from having an online video call meetings or any conversation that involves virtual appearances. Dressing up and looking good even while you’re just staying at home and working will help you boost your self-worth and self-confidence plus putting you in a better mood while working.

7. Have a handy snack beside you

Prepare some of your favorite snacks or a glass of water ahead of time and place it beside you where you can easily access it anytime if you need it. Doesn’t matter if it’s chocolate, chips, or any food that you want to eat as long as it will help you avoid being hungry and will boost your energy level to keep up the day. This will help you save time and less hassle on your part.

8. Avoid using social media apps

It's okay to check on your social media sometimes for the sake of checking important updates but you need to refrain using your social media apps for a longer period while working because this will only distract you from focusing on your important task and you might end up being stuck on your phone.

9. Go outside & breathe fresh air

See to it that you will spend some of your time stepping outside so you can breathe for a while in between your breaks. Appreciate the surrounding, inhale-exhale while eyes closed, and be present at the moment. This will help you refocus and keep yourself intact.

10. Keep a positive attitude and mindset

The most important thing to keep in this life is to have a positive attitude towards our goals and the challenges that comes our way. Setting a positive mindset as early as you wake up in the morning will make your reality a better version that will empower you on the things you wish to achieve in the future. Hang on, better days are coming!


Our Process

Our writers spent 48 hours researching for actionable tips to stay productive whilst working from home. These tips also arose from experience since the writer works from home for a year now. All of these adds up to recommendations you can trust.

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